All about me….seems so selfish, doesn’t it?

But lest I leave you wondering, here’s the summary…

As a musician for most of my life, a writer for the last few years, and a husband and father for over two decades, I’ve found that my varying interests are hard to categorize. So I’ve designed this page to give you a glimpse into all the phases of my life.

  • Musician – Pianist, teacher, musical director and coach in all styles of music. You can read more of my musical bio at my artist page, allenpaulmusic.comI’ll post my music here from time to time as well. 
  • Writer – Content creator and founder of God and Gigs, a project dedicated to helping everyday artists in everyday life. I write at and produce a bi-weekly podcast where we discuss topics and interview creatives who deal with the intersection of faith and entertainment.
  • Husband and father – I’ve been married for over 20 years to my lovely wife Lia, and we have 3 children, two of which we homeschooled. I’ve archived all my previous posts from 10 years of family learning on this site,  and hopefully soon, I’ll be sharing more about life after homeschool.

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